Who are these Victorian People?


Who are these Victorian People?
Are they your Ancestors?
 Do you recognise any of the Photographs?
Do you know where the Pictures where Taken When?
Do you recognise the picture of the House
Can you help me?

If you can please get in touch paulstacey88@gmail.com

In the meantime please enjoy a view of history as i show you a number of Victorian both early and late pictures taken from a Victorian Photograph Album purchased in Dorking in a charity shop last week October 2012. Firstly i cant believe anyone would let these go for sale especially as it is valuable sentimental History, or perhaps the finder had no attachment to the object it was merely an attic clearance. Either way I am seeking to learn and find out as much as I can about the pictures by answering the questions listed  above.

So Please come forward with any information if you can help. Who knows maybe these are your ancestors and we can show you what they looked like.


I bought this broken Album last week in a Dorking Charity shop and have become fascinated with the pictures especially what they can tell us and all the UN answered questions i have listed at the top of the page. The album is worn and torn on the front and back cover but inside the pictures are in wonderful condition.

This is a big Request for help.
Here are the Pictures listed below.

Is this your house today?
Are these people your Ancestors

Victorian Family
4 Portrait Photographs
Elderly Victorian Gentleman
Boy and Girl
4 Portrait Pictures
4 Portraits
Nurse? or Victorian Bride?
Victorian Scholar
More Portraits
Little Boy Fishing
Victorian Gentleman
Victorian Gentleman
4 Pictures Includes The Mystery House

Can you help to identify the House is it there today?
Where is it or was it Located
Victorian Gentleman

Okay so that's the first batch i have others so remember if you can help or pass on any information please e mail me at
or leave some comments for others to pick up


A Big Thank you





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