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Who we are and what we do?

What is Dorking-Old-Things?


A Celebration of Past Times History Splendour and Nostalga of the Past
We feature articles, stories , pictures, for sale items, ideas encompassing the above. Plus a celebration of the beauty and surroundings of this wondeful part of the Surrey Hills listed as an area of outstanding natural beauty, between the A25 and Guildford

Since I was very small, I have always loved and admired old things, the history and the stories these objects could tell us about if only they could speak and if they could see. Often through them we get a glimpse of bygone days and perhaps a chance to learn a little more about our ancestors and history and this may make us more reflective , about who we are, what we stand for and what we represent.
Privileged to be living in Westcott, amongst the Surrey Hills, 2 miles away, the market town of Dorking is renown for its beauty surrounded by Box Hill and on the edge of the North Downs Pilgrims way and history. At the other end of the A25, 4 miles from Dorking on the A25 to Guildford we have the remains of the Evelyn, Lord of the Manor system built from the wealth created in Elizabethan times from the manufacture and sale of Gunpowder as a result of the natural resources offered up by the Tillingbourne River and Valley.

When we moved to Dorking area West Street, was a thriving Antique centre with old antique shops along a tiny narrow street offering anything from Suit of Armour to an antique watch.

Then came 9-11, the Internet, E bay, the Credit Crunch and lets just say things aren’t what they used to be.
So I  decided to set up Dorking-Old –things, bit of a hobby, pastime, interest and a Business as well. My aim bring together the unique splendour and beauty of the Surrey Hills with the unique history and the unique stories as well, to show and give you a flavour of whats here now and what was here yesterday.
Enjoy my Blog feel free to comment, or to browse and if you want to buy or obtain an object.

Why not call me give me your comments good or bad indifferent or otherwise.

Tel 01306 881399
Mobile 07710-854040
email dorkingoldthings@gmail.com
 Please note some objects are not available for sale but enjoy their stories history and beauty all the same without ownership

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