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Westcott in Bloom the Thatched Bus Shelter
Picture Peter Trimming
Westcott is on the map today not only because this  Saturday, British Olympic Cyclist  Mark Cavendish will set about the Village of Westcott Downhill from Coast hill hitting  over 40 miles per hour in the lead on route to Box hill hopefully, to begin the ascent of Box hill for 9 gruelling  laps of the famous Zig Zag going for Britain's first 2012 Gold Medal in the Men's  Road Race cycle event to London, but  because of its famous Hoarder and TV Media Personality  Richard Wallace and his claim to fame as Britain's most notorious hoarder. Westcotts Star of Sky TV.with interviews with Phil Tuffnel and the One Show. He has had TV Crews from far flung Australia beating a path to his door.

 Tonight  we can  see the 2nd Programme on Channel 4, Cutting Edge Chronic Hoarder at 9pm of the progress Richard has made with the considerable help from Andy Honey that's ( Andy the Gardner) who  refers to himself and likes to  be known,  is getting on with clearing his pile of junk that some claim can be seen from space, well you have to be their first to look I guess, so I  have no comments I haven't been above the earth to see it.

                                  But here is what it looks like from down here especially inside

These are relatively safe that is neatly stacked but still a health hazard especially when you have to crawl over and around them every day to get in and out of your home.

Richard used to have to spend 20 minutes getting from his chair to the front door to do his paperround and that was crawling sometimes 7 to 8 feet above the floor.

 Anyway Richard is a wonderful man. My claim as  I  know him  very  well now. He has had dinner with my family and can quite freely knock on my door and be welcomed in. So yes you can count me as one of his friends so to speak.

Richard Wallace In thought and Contemplating a Smile

 I  have therefore  assisted Andy Honey in helping to try to  make it a better place for Richard, and also consider myself a member of the group and population  who consider Andy Honey one of life's good Guys who has stepped up to the plate as Andy the Gardner as he refers to himself and taken on what the Professionals considered impossible or chose to walk away from. For the critics who see tonight's Programme and question why did  he move into number 4 and what he stands to gain

For Richards sake  Thank God he did it was the right decision.

Richards Kitchen looking for the door
Sub Note
 Andy is this all we have to clear today

I  say to you look, what he has given up, put his family through  and what he has been through personally  to get Richard where he is today. I  should know what I  am talking about as I  was there and still are  and  helped Andy with another friend  shift the 10 tons of Newspaper  out of number 4 during a weekend, earlier this year.

Now  originally I must be honest and confess I  was a neighbour who just walked by on the same side of the road, not even the other side, but just  past the wall of junk and broken down cars oblivious to what went on inside as I  commented on the 1st programme I  was  un aware of what lay inside Richards Home or how bad it was or how anyone could be living like this in 2012 less alone in affluent Surrey, wished once I knew that more of us had got involved sooner and helped but the night I  crawled through Tons of News Papers to spend 20 minutes getting to the Chair where Richard existed on the other side, through 10 foot high walls of newspaper I  vowed  I  had to get involved and do something and no longer could  walk by on the otherside.

Just another Pile to clear from whats been cleared

 Andy has done an outstanding job in helping Richard as the first programme portrays, but importantly  Richard and Andy have become good friends. Andy has been involved with Social services even has a Counsellor organised for Richard and has been instrumental in assisting Richard to get his life back on track in so many ways. He takes Richard to meetings in London, in his spare time to meet other hoarders.

Andy's Joy One Room is  clear in Nos 4

In addition Andy has sacrificed his time from work and his family to run  around on Richards behalf, so like everyone else who has followed this story I  am keen to see how the programme comes across especially as I may pop up in it.

May I  say I  am a reluctant participant  shy of  Cameras and Microphones.. 

Working closely with Richard and Andy I  have been privileged and party to what is going on and yet also amazed with how Richard and Andy have worked together so well  together  and just  how much they have achieved to help Richard progress forward.

Richard is still very vulnerable and needs all our help as a Westcott Community but with Andy's leadership through help and support from our Church community he  has received help from 30 plus people on chain gang style working parties moving tons of paper from Richards Home and Garden on Saturdays. Without the support of the Church mainly he wouldn't have got this far so quickly.

On the day Andy and myself with Richard cleared to the Bed, Richard could lay down for the 1st time in 12 years. For Andy to move into number 4 we had to shift 10 tons of paper over a weekend from the ceiling to the floor in each room. For my part I  have got to know Richard and Andy very  well now and as part of  a smaller team helping them both I  am all the wiser and better for it. So it just goes to show you never know what life has in store for you or your neighbours and one day you walk past a totally Stranger in need and a few weeks later you are able to call that stranger a friend and you are the friend helping the need by your own deeds its a strange old world .
A long weekend to clear No 4 We worked into the Night

Richard is going from strength  to strength but still has a long way to go but his days of crouching around the infamous stove surrounded by 10 foot high stacks of Newspaper, boiling an egg  are really at an end. As for the paper round he still continues although Andy and myself try to encourage Richard to refrain from taking home left over papers. So for those concerned with security and  risk Richard is in a better place mentally and physically addressing his problems. Andy is continuing to sacrifice his time to help Richard and yes Westcott is growing as a community.

Richard Celebrates His Birthday cuts his cake

Richard Birthday Cake
 Richards Birthday Cake
It tasted as good as it looks

Its all mostly  good here.

If you want to keep up with the latest I  will with Richards consent publish more pictures and footage as the story unfolds in the meantime get in touch by e mail add comments

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