Sunday, 8 November 2015

Brockham Firework Display Spectacular 2015

                                Brockham Spectacular Bonfire and Fireworks Display 2015

Brockham Skys Lit up 2015 Display

I have come to the conclusion a good firework display can be like looking into the universe through the Hubble Telescope.

Have been on several occasions to Brockham Firework Display. Maybe fair to say its the best in Surrey. For instance with over £50,000 of Fireworks on Display the largest rockets actually make the ground beneath you shake.

Last night was certainly no let down but in fact the first time i have walked along with the procession and witnessed the 500 torch carrying bonfire lighters who set the Bonfire ablaze. The guy in the image of Guy Fawkes  was made with excellent attention to detail including the costume and likeness in his face to the original historic pictures.

If its one thing Brockham does well and is renown for its putting on a magnificent Firework and Bonfire display really the best in Surrey probably in the South maybe only surpassed by Lewis in Sussex.
The procession of villagers with their lit Torches dressed up in costume made for a colourful display with the mile or so walk to the edge of the bonfire.

Around sixty feet hire and encompassing all the villages and local community young and old together with years of their experience running such an event each years adds slightly more.

We were warned the Firework display lasting just over 12 minutes would feature some new style fireworks and certainly the mix of colours and Bangs and reverberations in the ground didn't dis appoint. The synchronised sequences were spectacular and the roof tops of Brockham were lit up as was the sky in pinks reds greens blue oranges silhouettes with Bursting flowers of light and dazzle and rocket after rocket lit up the night sky

If you have never been before its a real family treat for all ages
Go to link below for brief Video

Longer Version 3.5 minutes very colour full

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