Saturday, 14 September 2013

Its Gold. Is it going to be worth more this year and less Next?

So as you may have guessed from my blogs I like old things I like collectibles I like antiques and I particularly Coins especially like Gold ones

So what is with this 1909 Edwardian Gold Half Sovereign in a pendant.

It weights 5 Grams comes in a detachable 9 Carat Gold Pendant.


1909 Half Sovereign Coin Edward VII
5 Grams Weight.

Simply I like it.  I like Edward VII  coins especially as King Edward the VII Queen Victoria's Playboy Son only reigned for a short time from 1901 to 1910 The reign being short means coins from his period are sometimes a bit rarer and very collectible. Today its 50 pence,  10 Shillings in 1909 and  22 Carat  Gold close to solid makes it worth around £100.

I paid £95 plus auction fees and so in the short term I would be lucky to get my money back maybe even a small loss. But I am not looking at the short term I am looking to the long. You see its a tangible attractive way to hold an Investment for the future. Something  I enjoy know about and can easily realise for cash.

In the short term I can hold admire and learn more about the history of the period, coin etc..


For the future its a long term Investment and right now Gold has lost the edge in its value slightly since the concerns of Cyprus selling huge quantities have caused jitters in the market but when the dust settles since man first mined metals Gold has always had its lustre, value and security.

 So when the dust settles I believe this will be an attractive long term Investment lets hope so anyway.


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