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An Advert for a new theme that is becoming a common theme and for some a real worry


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The blog has many posts ideas  about income increase and debt reduction

Includes the story of how starting  by  picking up pennies is now picking  up £5 and £10 notes.

Starting with the coins in the street post.

And before you worry there is plenty for me. You dont all live near me and we have an abundant universe so there is enough for all.

Of course my usual stories from the high street and pictures of my latest finds and wacky ideas that just work thrown in too.

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Its all comes down to  Belief.

Its all about simple belief. It  starts and finishes there. Plus you have to do something.

Here is a simple  idea for all those who are struggling with debt.

Now firstly consider what you believe and what your beliefs are based on?
Do you believe in God or dont you?  .

What do you believe you believe in something although you call it nothing?

I fundamentally believe in God and therefore accept the principle of the Universe delivers what you want or ask for because God is the Universe and God is Good.

  • So start by asking yourself what do you believe and Why?
  • Where do your Beliefs come from and why?
  • Are those beliefs limiting you ?

So therefore I am an optimist in life and believe that our thoughts can help us solve our problems but sometimes we limit God and the Universe to our limited or small thinking selves. I know i am guilty have done it myself so  all this writing recounting my stories stops me doing that helps to propell me.

But keeping to the subject of idea of  The Secret by Rhonda Byrne based upon the law of attraction we can attract what we think about and dwell on.

Best in the Box What a find

 Part of the eight cars purchased for £35 late on a Saturday Afternoon.

So looking for ideas to write about on the theme of earning additional income its no real  surprise late one Saturday afternoon on my way back from the swimming pool and doing a quick pop into a local Charity shop i should find the Dinky toys including the Cooper Bristol above  all on sale for £35. Of course i didnt have £35 on me so i asked for them to be put aside and came back Monday to pay for them with some of the profits from my last boot sale of course Other Peoples Money         That is

Once purchased I packed and send them up North  to a Toy Auction lined up in September at not £35  I  am afraid but £60 to £80 estimate. Now God bless my luck and good fortune it could be they go for over £100 i must do the thinking and the praying now the Universe will deliver my profit, now the work and the thinking has been done.

Its as simple as that, its small its simple but in the bigger picture it all adds up.

Its today September 14th 2013

 Oh No I have just had notification my item above fetched £75 in Auction.

 Is it a disappointment or is it success?

Well you decide?

I paid £35 for an item in a charity shop on my Saturday afternoon.
I came back with the item on the Monday as I didn't have the money on me.
I hit the internet emailed my local auction house £30 to £50 estimate.
Then I thought for a minute find a specialist.
Found a specialist toy auction House on the internet.
Then I went to the bin and packed my item to post from rubbish broken cereal box £4.10 to post  it arrived at auction house
So in all come on at least half an hours work now in total to deliver the item packed to the auction house, source Internet pick up item and pay for it.

My profit probably just over £20 after auction costs, was it hard what do you think?

What for half an hours work, work is that doing something you enjoy and are interested in ?

Well then that's £40 an hour for doing next to nothing but when you to do it the half hour,
 I mean. You actually love. Love it have  a passion for it.

So for me I will keep doing it...

Answer for me its a success yes I will. When will the next opportunity arise?
 I don't know yet but I will keep looking because it will...

 Profit is  just the icing on the cake.
 Reward for faith


Save the Pennies and the Pounds do look after themselves
Read my blog post in Dorking old things about picking up coins in the street.
Read my Post in this blog  i actually pick up £5 and £10 notes using this principle and others.

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