Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Florins Half Crowns Galore

Glorious Half Crowns and Florins

If you like coins as i do and  you remember LSD Coins pre decimal days then these were real treasures. Imagine sitting in an Auction Room when this little lot went down under the hammer for £110 to who but yours truly i was as pleased as punch, because the condition of each coin was superb right back to the 1887 half crown the 1930 wasn't bad either but all were good.

Keeping them for a couple of years turned out to be a good thing because when i resold the lot recently they fetched £310 mainly due to the rising Commodity prices in part due to Silver for which these coins contain a good percentage.

So to have owned a wonderful piece of past history in this form and then to have held cash in such a secure investment was also so good and a great learning exercise in times of insecurity low interest rates and uncertainty.




Singing the Blues

                                       Singing The Blues

Old Song Sheets

Once again a walk down my local high street Dorking in Surrey it never ceases to amaze me what you might find. As an avid fan of all the local Charity Shops I  always pop in to hope today is the lucky day to bag a bargain never sure of what i might find.

Down in Old Dorking or Memory Lane

Dorking being an old market town  from Doomsday and mentioned in the Doomsday book is renown for its famous Antique shops in West Street when you can find anything from an old Telephone to a suit of Armour. I prefer the cheap side except its not quite so cheap any more, Being Surrey even the charity shops have inflated their prices accordingly although nobody would begrudge them as its all for a good cause

In a folder tucked away on a shelf were these song sheets and relics from a bygone age, i figured i must be joining them as a relic when  I  recognised  Guy Mitchell  Singing The Blues as i used to listen to Capital Radio back in the 1970s when i came home from school often hearing the iconic sounds of the 1950s and 1960s so it caught my eye as i thumbed through the contents and guess it takes all down memory lane especially if you grew up in the 50s 60s 70s era

 For my parents generation even more iconic names would be recognisable for  sure.