Tuesday, 17 December 2013

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Antiques and Collectables for Sale

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Elvis Presley Original 78 Record
His Master Voice Record Label
A Side Hound Dog
Condition is Good
Price for Collection Uk
£12.97 ono
Location Dorking Surrey



Fireplace Utensils Companion Set
Brass and Copper
Dimensions Height 35cm
Width across Diameter 20cm
Condition is good is worn in places
Prices for Collection UK
£14.97 ONO
Location Dorking Surrey




                                          Collection of ERTL Thomas Tank Toy Train Engines

                                           and Characters passenger carriages and  Accessories

                                           Mixed Condition used over 50 items box full
                                                   Price for Collection Uk  £37.97 ono

                                                            Location Dorking Surrey

                                                                           TO BUY
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                                                                       FOR SALE NOW


                                               Pakawa real leather English  vintage luggage travel brief case

                                               Blue Velvet inner

                                                                 Location Dorking Surrey
                                                                     Price £17.97 ONO
                                                                             TO BUY

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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Its Gold. Is it going to be worth more this year and less Next?

So as you may have guessed from my blogs I like old things I like collectibles I like antiques and I particularly Coins especially like Gold ones

So what is with this 1909 Edwardian Gold Half Sovereign in a pendant.

It weights 5 Grams comes in a detachable 9 Carat Gold Pendant.


1909 Half Sovereign Coin Edward VII
5 Grams Weight.

Simply I like it.  I like Edward VII  coins especially as King Edward the VII Queen Victoria's Playboy Son only reigned for a short time from 1901 to 1910 The reign being short means coins from his period are sometimes a bit rarer and very collectible. Today its 50 pence,  10 Shillings in 1909 and  22 Carat  Gold close to solid makes it worth around £100.

I paid £95 plus auction fees and so in the short term I would be lucky to get my money back maybe even a small loss. But I am not looking at the short term I am looking to the long. You see its a tangible attractive way to hold an Investment for the future. Something  I enjoy know about and can easily realise for cash.

In the short term I can hold admire and learn more about the history of the period, coin etc..


For the future its a long term Investment and right now Gold has lost the edge in its value slightly since the concerns of Cyprus selling huge quantities have caused jitters in the market but when the dust settles since man first mined metals Gold has always had its lustre, value and security.

 So when the dust settles I believe this will be an attractive long term Investment lets hope so anyway.


Monday, 2 September 2013

A Day out in Guildford


Without the crowds and the shops and if you love cycling take the N22 Cycle route through the Surrey hills what could be better.
A  Side view of Guildford Castle

Remains of Guildford Castle

                                    First there is the history

                                  Then there is nature
Fancy a Punt or Boat Ride on the River Way
and admire the local wildlife
3 Ducks almost in a row
and Finally
The Caterpillar

To Finish the day Bank Holiday Monday my wife and I cycled back along the N22 cycle path yes back through the Surrey Hills all the way to Cranleigh brief stop back to  Shere and Westcott mostly all off road.
Hope you can find all these fab alternatives in Guildford apart from just the high street shops next time you visit.


Tuesday, 20 August 2013


An Advert for a new theme that is becoming a common theme and for some a real worry


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Ideas and products to assist you with simple effective ways to increase your income and reduce your debts, and get your mind right. 

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Click on the link above just 15 minutes reading a decent  self help book each day could propell your thinking to your next opportunity.

Try this for Fun The Midas  method Book by Stuart Goldsmith you should be able to pick up a copy for under  £3
 i will write my own Midas Method  story on it shortly using it right now.

The blog has many posts ideas  about income increase and debt reduction

Includes the story of how starting  by  picking up pennies is now picking  up £5 and £10 notes.

Starting with the coins in the street post.

And before you worry there is plenty for me. You dont all live near me and we have an abundant universe so there is enough for all.

Of course my usual stories from the high street and pictures of my latest finds and wacky ideas that just work thrown in too.

Then go and look for my life changing product for you on the same blog site

making money from the kitchen Rubbish Bin

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Its all comes down to  Belief.

Its all about simple belief. It  starts and finishes there. Plus you have to do something.

Here is a simple  idea for all those who are struggling with debt.

Now firstly consider what you believe and what your beliefs are based on?
Do you believe in God or dont you?  .

What do you believe you believe in something although you call it nothing?

I fundamentally believe in God and therefore accept the principle of the Universe delivers what you want or ask for because God is the Universe and God is Good.

  • So start by asking yourself what do you believe and Why?
  • Where do your Beliefs come from and why?
  • Are those beliefs limiting you ?

So therefore I am an optimist in life and believe that our thoughts can help us solve our problems but sometimes we limit God and the Universe to our limited or small thinking selves. I know i am guilty have done it myself so  all this writing recounting my stories stops me doing that helps to propell me.

But keeping to the subject of idea of  The Secret by Rhonda Byrne based upon the law of attraction we can attract what we think about and dwell on.

Best in the Box What a find

 Part of the eight cars purchased for £35 late on a Saturday Afternoon.

So looking for ideas to write about on the theme of earning additional income its no real  surprise late one Saturday afternoon on my way back from the swimming pool and doing a quick pop into a local Charity shop i should find the Dinky toys including the Cooper Bristol above  all on sale for £35. Of course i didnt have £35 on me so i asked for them to be put aside and came back Monday to pay for them with some of the profits from my last boot sale of course Other Peoples Money         That is

Once purchased I packed and send them up North  to a Toy Auction lined up in September at not £35  I  am afraid but £60 to £80 estimate. Now God bless my luck and good fortune it could be they go for over £100 i must do the thinking and the praying now the Universe will deliver my profit, now the work and the thinking has been done.

Its as simple as that, its small its simple but in the bigger picture it all adds up.

Its today September 14th 2013

 Oh No I have just had notification my item above fetched £75 in Auction.

 Is it a disappointment or is it success?

Well you decide?

I paid £35 for an item in a charity shop on my Saturday afternoon.
I came back with the item on the Monday as I didn't have the money on me.
I hit the internet emailed my local auction house £30 to £50 estimate.
Then I thought for a minute find a specialist.
Found a specialist toy auction House on the internet.
Then I went to the bin and packed my item to post from rubbish broken cereal box £4.10 to post  it arrived at auction house
So in all come on at least half an hours work now in total to deliver the item packed to the auction house, source Internet pick up item and pay for it.

My profit probably just over £20 after auction costs, was it hard what do you think?

What for half an hours work, work is that doing something you enjoy and are interested in ?

Well then that's £40 an hour for doing next to nothing but when you to do it the half hour,
 I mean. You actually love. Love it have  a passion for it.

So for me I will keep doing it...

Answer for me its a success yes I will. When will the next opportunity arise?
 I don't know yet but I will keep looking because it will...

 Profit is  just the icing on the cake.
 Reward for faith


Save the Pennies and the Pounds do look after themselves
Read my blog post in Dorking old things about picking up coins in the street.
Read my Post in this blog  i actually pick up £5 and £10 notes using this principle and others.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

A Bunch of Dinky Race Car Classics


Cooper Bristol 23G Dinky Die Cast Classic

To good for the Mini scrap yard. This specimen is one 8 Classic I have just acquired from a local charity shop. It probably the one is best condition slight indentation to drivers shoulder the green body paintwork is in superb condition as are all the tyres and parts. A big number 6 is visible from the back its just stands out from the rest.

Okay so now for the rest.

Here is a collective shot and few of the best of the bunch

Race time from days gone past. Two Dinky 23 N NO 9 Masserati  with White streak on Bonnet.

1960s Race Classics

This whole collection is for sale offers of £95 ono would be considered.

Individual Purchases would be accepted

Paul Stacey
Tel 07710-854040 Mobile

Monday, 5 August 2013

How the cyclists saw the Surrey Hills Today.

Today  Cyclists and  Armchair Spectators  witnessed the  Beauty,  Splendour and History  in the Surrey Hills.

Like most people this morning , who hadn't the energy or planned and trained i decided not to undertake the 100 mile London to Surrey Hills Cycle race. As a local resident in Westcott I  sympathise with those upset by road closures from Central London to the villages and towns in the Surrey Hills. Despite all of that i was gripped by the coverage of the Prudential London to Surrey cycle race event schedule for over 5 hours on BBC1 then on the Red Button switchover as they came to my home patch Westcott. The routes I know so well, have cycled and driven and walked,  especially the winding narrow leafy lanes in the Surrey Hills, where the trees cover the roads in summer in permanent shade. From Ripley through West Horsley the climb to the first ascent  on Newlands corner, staggering views,the Countryside the villages past through on the climb to Leith Hill. As a keen amateur cyclist living in the Surrey Hills i caught the cycling bug some years ago and yes thanks to Boris Johnson's encouragement to get on our Bikes i have to say i welcome it.Even welcome being inconvenienced by the road closures for such a spectacular and gripping event it was fabulous to watch on TV and then to run up the road and greet the cyclist hurtling through my village en route to Dorking for the Boxhill ascent.

The inconvenience of not being able to drive your car out of the village to the shops or nearby Dorking is more than made up with the incredible visual shots of the Men's Elite cyclists hammering the up and down hills past so much history mentioned by the commentator's, like the old Clock and  Bell in Abinger Hammer with a  model blacksmiths hammer striking the clock overhanging the main road with a picturesque scene of a Surrey village you couldn't do justice to in the best  picture book. In the same village the local Tilling brook stream, where the kids fish with their nets on a boiling hot Summers day, while their parents crack open a bottle of wine and enjoy a picnic yards from the main A25 , to the old English teas rooms in churches and villages alike make this a place to be. If you live in London and want to see some history and show your kids the green leafy Countryside then you have come to the right place, better to come by bike you will miss so much by train and car, besides we haven't the room the roads are full of cyclists on any given day now. Its become the Country's cycling centre and for locals shops and Business its getting to be a tourists haven.

Of course the helicopter shots captured the lifestyle for the ultra wealthy here not me, the fluorescent blue swimming pools below and the green grassed tennis courts, but for me the cyclists going up the narrow leafy lanes on the ascent to Leith Hill steeper than Boxhill i might add. So steep it winds you completely to cycle up to but to do it three times and then climb Boxhill and race to London well you need to be an Alpine Climber on a bike, i take my hat of to them. I witnessed first hand the speed they past me in Westcott Village after such an endurance at Leith Hill.

The History they past as well as the beauty here is staggering. Tudor Medieval Roman Bronze age we have it all and in abundance. The area is frequently crammed full of weekend cyclists as since the Olympics we even have an image of the cycles on a roundabout near the foot of Boxill . Better i might add than the Dorking Cockerel which is frequently disguised or dressed up by the nearest party revellers

Take a look at my offering to the Day the atmosphere the wait  and brief glimpse of the Mens Elite descending Coast Hill into Westcott Village Police  sirens wailing, helicopter nosily hovering overhead and the sound of a neighbour doing their hoovering to add to the noise.

Thank you Boris don't mind if its an annual event i will get on my bike.

See the Cyclists coming through Westcott on this u tube link

London to Surrey Mens Elite Entering Westcott

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Florins Half Crowns Galore

Glorious Half Crowns and Florins

If you like coins as i do and  you remember LSD Coins pre decimal days then these were real treasures. Imagine sitting in an Auction Room when this little lot went down under the hammer for £110 to who but yours truly i was as pleased as punch, because the condition of each coin was superb right back to the 1887 half crown the 1930 wasn't bad either but all were good.

Keeping them for a couple of years turned out to be a good thing because when i resold the lot recently they fetched £310 mainly due to the rising Commodity prices in part due to Silver for which these coins contain a good percentage.

So to have owned a wonderful piece of past history in this form and then to have held cash in such a secure investment was also so good and a great learning exercise in times of insecurity low interest rates and uncertainty.




Singing the Blues

                                       Singing The Blues

Old Song Sheets

Once again a walk down my local high street Dorking in Surrey it never ceases to amaze me what you might find. As an avid fan of all the local Charity Shops I  always pop in to hope today is the lucky day to bag a bargain never sure of what i might find.

Down in Old Dorking or Memory Lane

Dorking being an old market town  from Doomsday and mentioned in the Doomsday book is renown for its famous Antique shops in West Street when you can find anything from an old Telephone to a suit of Armour. I prefer the cheap side except its not quite so cheap any more, Being Surrey even the charity shops have inflated their prices accordingly although nobody would begrudge them as its all for a good cause

In a folder tucked away on a shelf were these song sheets and relics from a bygone age, i figured i must be joining them as a relic when  I  recognised  Guy Mitchell  Singing The Blues as i used to listen to Capital Radio back in the 1970s when i came home from school often hearing the iconic sounds of the 1950s and 1960s so it caught my eye as i thumbed through the contents and guess it takes all down memory lane especially if you grew up in the 50s 60s 70s era

 For my parents generation even more iconic names would be recognisable for  sure.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Ranmore Common


The beauty and Splendour of Ranmore Common taken from my back yard on a bright June Summer morning. The tiny distant  Spire in that  of St Barnabas peaking out above the trees. This Historic and might i add rather beautiful church was built by Sir Gilbert Scott for the Cubitt family consecrated in 1859. Now the secret of this special place apart from the Historic value, the superb surroundings, peace and tranquillity and not forgetting the superb views as far as Leith Hill and Gatwick Airport, is that the Teas and cakes served in the summer at St Barnabas are very special indeed. Many walkers and cyclists stop by for some light refreshments on route. For me a local Westcott resident the climb up to the top or the cycle ride to the top on a hot summers day is just spectacular. At the top of the common you can see the planes begin their descent into Gatwick.

Nearby steers field is the place with the views described below so bring a picnic and let the kids run around freely in the Surrey Countryside and its breathtaking views.

A truly magical place ...

Distant View of Church Spire St Barnabas Church Ranmore

This church was designed by Sir George Gilbert Scott and follows the simple
  "Early English" style from c.1400 with features of early French Gothic. 
 Amongst his projects were the Albert Memorial and St. Pancras Station in London. 
 The church was consecrated in in 1859. 

Also I will let you into a little secret.
 You can get tea and cake  between  2pm and 5pm Sunday afternoons in   July through to  September ,while you admire this historic church and gardens.

 Come and take a look

I am a regular visitor in the summer to this Church and tea stop very popular for cyclists and walkers and day trippers.

 All the money raised  from sales of books teas and cakes goes to support the local church St Barnabas at Ranmore and the people are so friend and marvellous,. so why not set out with your family from London and experience the views nearby over Ranmore Common.

Find this field at the top of Ranmore 

Then look down and you will see views extending to the South Downs as mentioned below.

One of the best beauty spots in the whole Country.

Watch the planes land at Gatwick circle around the downs as Westcott is a beacon for their navigation. look for the Sussex Downs in the distance on a clear day look out to Leith Hill Tower or to the railway line below between Dorking and Guildford and look over Dorking and Westcott in the distance