Thursday, 15 November 2012

The Intrepid Trapeze Grey Squirrel

Intrepid Trapeze Grey Squirrel Contemplating the next move

Taken on a Bright November afternoon

Walking  down the road yesterday in bright sunshine I looked up at the wonderful blue sky and my eye caught this intrepid looking grey  squirrel performing hire wire acrobatics or rather thinking whether to do so or perhaps how do I get down from  here.

 Either way what the thoughts were or perhaps what his or her instincts told them I don't know, rather him than me, i thought, when I looked at the drop down Overall I think he looked calm and knew what he /she was doing, perched high above the road on a Telegraph Pole.

 It made me realise it has probably happened before, maybe he/she is a frequent visitor and with the everyday busyness of life, its so easy to miss the surrounding beauty and nature at its best. So take a look up in the sky when you next walk through your home turf, which for me is Westcott Village in Surrey you will be amazed what you can see on a bright clear day. 


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  2. Random Day walking up the road. I happen to look up to admire the blue sky, a day without rain and what do i see but this grey Squirrel on the high trapeze telephone wire contemplating the next move. I grabbed by mobile phone Samsung Galaxy 3 and took this picture of the little fellow.
    Picture taken in Sunny Westcott Surrey

  3. This is now shown in the Dorking Advertiser in pictures of the week page in Thursdays 22nd November edition. Called High Wire