Thursday, 25 October 2012

A Famous local Orchestra Conductor Ernest Read

Ernest Read Hard Copy Music Sheets Johann Sebastian Bach's
Written in German
Searching through some old books I  located a book written entirely in German  with songs for a composer orchestra of Sebastian Bach's. The Book is a hard copy show below black with the name Ernest Read written in Gold letters on the front page. Inside there is a signature Ernest read and a date 1922 so i figure that this must be the possession of our local composer detailed below

Mr Ernest Read with this except taken from Wickopedia

Signed Ernest Read 1922

If anyone can through any more light on this i would be interested please leave a comment or get in touch by e mail

Quote from Wikopedia, can be found on Wikopedia,

Ernest Read (22 February 1879, Guildford – 9 October 1965, London) was an English conductor, organist, and music educator. He had a profound impact on the development of music education within England during the first half of the 20th century, and published several books on music pedagogy. He was named a Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 1956.
From 1896–1906 Read studied at the Royal Academy of Music under Tobias Matthay and Henry Joseph Wood. He served as the principal of the Watford School of Music from 1913-1920. He also taught conducting and ear training on the faculty of the RAM from 1919–1950. Two of his notable students were Edwin Bélanger and William Ifor Jones. In 1926 he founded the London Junior Orchestra, one of the earliest youth symphonies in England. That orchestra spawned 4 more youth orchestras in the city of London and 11 affiliate youth orchestras throughout Great Britain.
In 1931 Read founded the Ernest Read Symphony Orchestra (ERSO), a professional orchestra with a commitment to performing concerts accessible to children as well as adults. He led the orchestra up until his death 34 years later, conducting concerts in schools, concert halls and for the BBC. In 1945 he established the lauded Ernest Read Concerts for Children, which ran until the late 1990s. ERSO remain active today.

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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

A Victorian Man and his Dog

A Victorian Man and his Dog

Please take a look at this wonderful picture. It shows a man and his best friend his Dog. In this case the Dog looks like he has two black eyes almost like he is wearing spectacles. But for lovers of history or dog lovers this is a wonderful picture. The dog resembles the one is in his masters voice from the record advert. But this is a original Victorian Photograph I am thinking of making prints from as the picture is so wonderful and unique.

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A Victorian and his Dog


Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Please I need some Help?

Please Help me if you can?

My lucky purchase in Dorking October 2012
Over 30 Victorian Photographs featuring a Victorian Family at least two to 3 generations possibly from 1850 to 1900 era Where and Who they were remains a Mystery

A recent article and Blog site  and page I have set up inside Dorking Old Things talks about some Photographs I  recently acquired from a Dorking Charity Shop which are truly fascinating.

Although the album is falling apart they contain over 30 photographs which look to be at least two to three generations of a Victorian Family perhaps as far back as the 1860s to the 1900s .

The Album they are contained in come is a Solid bound album subject to considerable wear at both front and back cover are coming away. However whats inside is is exquisite a real delight for any avid collector or Historian. Firstly because the people we are looking at in the Photographs are true home grown Victorians,but from the clothes they wear to the glimpse of the furniture behind them i wish i could know more about their lives.

How hard were they?
What did they do?
How long did they live?
Where did they work?
How much did they earn?
Where and when were the pictures taken?
What was the occasion?
Who is related to who and how?

I have so few clues except on one of the Photographs it mentions Heydon, Hove which I  have traced to a  family of Photographers in Sussex near Billingshusrt from 1852

Another Clue is a picture of a House which I suspect is in Sussex although I  cant be sure. Perhaps its a house somebody is living in today perhaps it was pulled down years ago, but each picture gives a small clue to the approximate age for example the fashion and clothes the person is wearing.
However even in this case although I picked the Photographs up in Dorking this may well be a Victorian Sussex Family. At this point if you would like to look at Photographs i have in more detail then go to the Page i have created called Who were these People in this Blog Site and take a look at the Photos i have up loaded or get in touch by email
Perhaps your are a Historian or Genealogists and can either throw more light on the pictures or add vital additional information in the form of clues as to who these people were.
Wouldn't it be wonderful if the great great great Grandson or Gran daughter contacted me having located in picture form their Ancestors or we could trace the direct descendants of this family to day and connect the two.
In the meantime they remain a mystery and reveal very little but tantalisingly just enough to raise more questions than they can answer but a wonderful glimpse of a distant era.
If you happen to recognise the House, in the last picture  and live in it please do let me and the readers of this know. I am looking to try and get the picture blown up professionally so as to see if any further clues emerge, There are three people standing in front of the gate so it is perhaps possible to date the picture from fashions at the time I think around 1880s.
Enhanced Photo of Victorian House No 4 Below
Last Picture shows the House

And thank you for your help
To see more of these pictures go in this blog site to the Page I  have created Who were these Victorian People?  or the Blog site Just who were they