Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The Old Green Bus

                                               Do you Remember the Old Green Bus

Cycling up near Ranmore Church on Ranmore Common wheezing from exhaustion after the steep uphill from Westcott  I  was delighted to be greeted with this wonderful site from the past and my ability  to quickly capture  these shots using  my new Galaxy Samsung 3 Mobile Telephone which i thoroughly recommend and am delighted with.

Back in 1951 we had not the Olympics that was back in 1948 in England but we had the festival of Britain and these delightful buses hit the road for the first time. Gleaming Green and user friendly i wondered how the world has changed since they took their first trips around the Surrey Hills and Villages in the early 1950s.

Well for one thing i have the ability with modern technology to grab my mobile phone no less and capture these exquisite pictures. How would they have looked in a photograph in the 1950s and how could you have been out on a bike and caught the picture without having to carry some great  old wind up cumbersome camera that wouldn't have been with you had you  availed such an opportunity.

Most of all though they represent that feeling of nostalgia the past with all its smells memories and long gone days. The world is truly a different place more hectic faster and not as green as we would all like especially the Politicians. The old Green Bus en captures this all and it left me feeling a ride on one of these old beasts would be a welcome treat.                                           

So if you were one of the lucky people who has had  ride or this conjures up wonderful memories or nostalgia from the past

A not so distant past but a Greener future

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  1. Check out the lastest page with up to date pictures and the lasted on Wescotts famous hoarder Richard Wallace i work with Andy and Richard nad have some up to date pictures