Thursday, 1 March 2012

How to run a Profitable Export Business from your Armchair

Before you say. Yes  heard it all before. Sitting on your couch or Chair at home its another scam its to hard cant be bothered it wouldnt  work anyway. What if the majority of the simple work could be carried out from that sofa couch or armchair, well it just can.
You see last time you heard something like this you did absolutely nothing about it because of the beliefs above

Every night you come home may be so late you just have time to flick on the TV and see News at 10, another round of paycuts layoffs more depressing  gloomy figures and you figure whats the points of running a Business here in the Uk  even the neighbours havent got the ready cash to buy my products. Well you may be right there. But  what about your neighbours on  the other side of the world who are just getting up. They are not  so affected by the recession,in many cases they arent even involved in a recession  they will come home from work  switch on their laptops and phones go  to their E bay site,  looking for items  laying around down the road at your local boot sale in good old Blighty. Guess what they will pay handsomely for them. Not only Australia but America and Germany too. The Germans the rich bankers of Europe love to buy a bargain and they pay cash too. So Why not your bargain.

Willow Tea Caddy Sold in Queensland Australia for £16  Cost to me £1
Question         What did I have to do?
Answer           Push the worldwide button on E bay

 A weather Baramoter Bought for 50p at Boot  Sale sold in France E Bay £24, 
 7 days later
Question    What did i have to do?
Answer      From the same armchair take a picture write some text push the worldwide export button and sell it 7 days later.
So get out of the Armchair this Saturday walk the dog and locate and find your local Bootsale flea market and get busy sorting through all that old memorabilia and look for items you are interested might know something about that you could describe as Collectible, memorabilia, antique, old. You see whilst your neighbours have no spare cash or interest in you flea market goodies and finds your neighbours in Australia, America, Germany and many more have cash to burn you just need to be able to take a picture push a few buttons and sit and wait a few days its that simple. Every day items sell for many times their purchase price.
As you look at the pictures I cant resist the fact  some of you are thinking, but they are just examples of when you were lucky and of course you are absolutely right. You see you make you own luck. Or thats not a great deal of extra money but multiplied by a number going to different countries all from the armchair laptop its a 2nd part time income.
I  could go on with pictures and examples I havent even shown you the better ones like the.

Foden Dinky toy Truck

Bought at a Village  fete for £2 sold to Germany for £36
The Bryant and May Tin bought at a Boot Fair for £2 and sold to Usa for £136
and so on ..

Yes I  got lucky because I  planned to.
So back in the armchair flick  open the laptop and start  making money. Make some extra money pay of your debts, build a second income, take an extra holiday, its right in front of you.
Next time you watch News at 10 just think your neighbours in Australia have set off for work to bring you the cash for your scrap bric a brac they dont do recession.
 Down Under
Neither should you.....
Happy hunting.

Here is a non E bay deal one day i walked into a small village fete and spotted a gilt box full of broken watches and scrap Jewellery. I spotted a singke siver spanish coin dating from the 1850s so I immediatley snapped up the whole box for just a tenner. Now the coin was worth £30, but a little later at home I spotted another one in the same pot worth £40 then the scrap gold watch which i sold the scrap gold in my high Street jewellers for £27. But no you guessed it i didnt stop there i managed to sell the other broken scrap contents for several more pounds even broken watch faces.

So now my Ten Pound Box has netted me a handsome profit with minimal effort, was i lucky yes opportunity meets with you when you seek it, profit follows shortly after doing what you love I love finding old things and collecting old things and sure like selling old things

Good luck and happy hunting.   

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