Saturday, 18 February 2012

What do you remember from your Childhood ?

What item is special to you or do you remember form your childhood .

For a lot of people it my be a favourite Teddy Bear, Action Man, favourite Book or record. Maybe your mind associates with a place, a room in a house, a  favourite Corner.

 For me one of the items is this old wicker chair. I have a photograph of me as a young toddler in the early 1960s sitting in one of these. I know it evokes strong memories because when i found this item i recalled the exact place exact house room and almost exact year of me sitting in this chair, so some memories never fade and some are triggers for the past good or bad.For me it is association with a good memory being looked after cared for etc.

Today we have a whole new chose of materials to build small child's chairs from namely plastic. For me the rustic look of a good well bound wicker chair  will remain and is preferential in look quality and blending into you home of a bright colourful plastic alternative.

If you are interested in purchasing this item i have it available for sale at only £7.97 so e mail me below or go to Friday Advertiser item is based in Wescott  Surrey



  1. This item is use for only £9.97 so if you would like to be the first hurry today and e mail me

  2. Be sure to take a look at old items for you Page which will feature items for sale and occassionally items to be given away so watch out and grab yoursel a bargain