Tuesday, 21 February 2012

So what the heck is wrong with Mole Valley ?

Mole Valley to be rebranded as Mid Surrey?!

Does this really look Like Mid Surrey

What  utter Nonsense.......

The Boundary Commission Review has recently looked at Constituency Boundaries for elections to Westminster. Their recommendation locally is to help with the balancing out of electorate sizes by the inclusion of Ewhurst in the Mole Valley constituency. The Conservative party supports this move.

The Liberal Democrats have demanded that rather than the Constituency name being "Mole Valley" that we are rebranded as "Mid Surrey".

Mole Valley Conservatives believe that this change is unnecessary, that it is not a name that would be recognised by local residents and that it would be a waste of taxpayers money to have an expensive marketing campaign to make sure everyone understands the change.

Mole Valley MP, Sir Paul Beresford, said "I am proud to be standing up for Mole Valley, it is a place that means so much to many people, from the peaks of Box Hill and Leith Hill to the market towns of Leatherhead and Dorking. This proposed change is just absolute spin."

So that Mole Valley Conservatives can represent your views locally and back to the Boundary Commission, we'd like to know what you think about this rebranding exercise.

Do your support the Conservative campaign to keep the name Mole Valley?

Perhaps this is also Mid Surrey...........  Yeah Right

Please add your comments

We live in Mole Valley a beautiful I don't live in Mid Surrey, the name doesnt even inspire me. Does it inspire you? 

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