Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Celebrate the Jubilee in Luxury Dont Delay

Advertising a unique peice of history with real practical uses.

Why not own this item for the Jubilee this year

60 Glorious Years on the Throne, Queen Elizabeth II would enjoy her Fish Starter Course with nothing less than a lavish silver or Golden cutlery set .

 Today you too,  can own a wonderful set of 6 Fish Knives and Forks in excellent condition  fully boxed like new slightly tarnished showing that this quality item is full silver plate high quality what would expect from Viners the makers of this wonderful peice.

So without further a do go to Ebay .co.uk this items is up for auction so bid away or offer me a price I would be mad not to accept a right Royal Ransom would be nice/
Go to pauls3725 on Ebay.co.uk and bid for this item before its to late.

 Get in touch by e mail and beg me for a buy it now button, just name your price but hurry because it will soon be gone...... Dont be left out Dont be disappointed.

Please Paul I  want to own this now  go to paulstacey88@gmail.com  and ask me for a buy it now  remember give me your best price , a right Royal Price would be nice.

Thanks for your interest

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