Saturday, 28 January 2012

Who Won the 1880 Cambridge and Oxford Boat Race ?

So Who Won the 1880 Boat Race?

Well whats more interesting to me is who was in the boats.

 The names of the rowers for example, who they were and what their life was like in England in 1880.

These are the sort of questions that spring to mind when i study the above  picture taken from an 1881, Victorian Book  Illustrated  Sports, for which i have lots of pages.

In these pages are packed full examples of life in 1880 England Adverts for what they bought in the shops and low low prices in old money. I have many such examples and pictures drawings sketches invoking such powerful questions, often how different were their lives to yours and mine today with the absence of Television, Radio, Telephones Cars and Computers.

Where they Better or Where they Worse?

History can teach us such a lot and provoke our minds to think and search for evidence

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