Saturday, 28 January 2012

Stamps of Yesterday


British Victorian Penny Reds taken from an Album containing 275

Stamp Collecting
My first awareness of stamps and Stamp collecting i would have to blame my Grandfather who although now long Dead was born in 1899 and had a wonderful Collection which I was lucky enough to inherit and have to this Day. It has an impressive array of first Day Covers 2 Penny Blacks and whole collection of British and Foreign Stamps.

It and my Grandfather gave me an insight , knowledge and understanding of Stamps. Like all collectibles in these days of Recession they often a good alternative investment but not for the faint hearted.
The above I recently acquired is an album containing 275 Penny Reds alongside a lot of other British Stamps and form a useful collection in their own right. Over the coming weeks i will feature some of the examples in this single Album.

Occasionally I list stamps on E bay Uk Site so check me out Pauls3725, or  email me on

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