Saturday, 28 January 2012

The Mini Scrap Yard In Action

Vintage Dinky Toy Car
 To Own this lively Item seek me out on Ebay UK , pauls3725 and start bidding but be quick it closes bidding tomorrow Sunday Evening at 10pm

With all the talk at the moment of scrap metal prices and government action on scrap yards, it got me thinking. I like most people will never be lucky or fortunate enough to own a scrap metal yard or Car Breakers business, all of which are very profitable I  am sure. But that doesnt stop me or you  running your  own mini scrap yard or Mini  Car Breakers for that matter...

So what do  I mean well like most blokes as a kid in the 1960s I loved playing with these unique toys and had hours of fun, fired up the imagination and in later life as a 50 year old they still hold a wonderful sense of magic and are real icons from the past. Even buying selling and collecting these wonderful peices brings back many happy memories......

So who cares, what they do with scrap yards. I will make my own mini one and enjoy it  for many years to come ...

So here we have above a lovely condition Dinky Toy Vintage Condition Triumph and if you would like to own this very one thne why not look me up on E bay pauls3725, I have four prime examples of vintage cars on the E Bay Uk  Auction Site this lovely speciment above is currntly being bidded at £8.10 as we speak your chance to own your very one peice of Nostalga or to start a mini collection of the past
Here are another three Dinkys On Offer all sourced in local Dorking packed full of old delightful and collectible Things past and Present

                                                  Dinky Toy Rolls Royce Silver Wraith
                                                           Dinky  Toy    Cadillac  Elldorado

All available and many more keep your eyes on my E Bay Auctions Uk. Go to pauls3725 and start bidding.....

Hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any scrap broken dinky cars to get rid of or sell on please conatct me

These three items are all available to bid for on my e bay site pauls3725 in the UK all need attention repairs have parts missing real scrap yard stuff Vintage Dinkys , starting with Maximum security vehicle from Captain Scarlett to police Ford Transit and Mini and two Sea King Helicopters

For more info contact me

For some new real scrap items,  take a look at these broken parts taken from four different cars Dinky and Corgi Die Casts.
 These items are currently advertisied in the auctions on Ebay go to pauls3725 look at my items.

Missing wheels axles and interiors is the main problem with these items real  but what a rebuild project for some budding enthusiast.
If this is your idea of heavon then go to check my items pauls3725 and place a bid.
                                          To me this is the real essence of the mini scrap yard...

Corgi Rolls Royce Corniche

Underside Rolls Royce Corniche

Time for some class

Not every Car in the Mini  scrap yard is scrap far from it. But i did think it was time for some class so what better than a Corgi  scale model of the Rolls Royce Corniche. Its in rather good condition even has all its wheels and tyres.In two tone grey.

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