Tuesday, 31 January 2012

How to stop Your kids taking up Smoking

How to Stop your Kids from Smoking

I would like to share a story with you that might help you, should you desire and want your kids to grow up and hate cigarettes.

When I was a youngster growing up at then end of the 1960s my mum and dad took me to a fairground during the summer holidays at which I  was delighted. Like any kid of 9, who wouldn't be.  I wanted to have a go on the rides and fairground attractions, since my parents were paying, money was no object well not to me anyhow. One of my favourite machines was the hand grabber, the one, that has a hand like crane with a grab on the end that you steer with a lever  at the front of the box and steer the lever so that the hand descends  into a large glass rectangle box  with a floor  and to an  array of wonderful goodies, especially to young eyes.

The attraction to any  9 year old, is the excitement and chance to win the impossible items, the shiny watch, the £5 note, the red 10 Shilling note and  not consider the possibility of the booby prize the 1d chew or small plastic bead necklace, certainly as a boy that would be one of them.
But to have the chance to show off to your parents and your siblings how skillful you are is intoxicating  and the possibility of failure you don't really consider, as an excited 9 year old.

Anyway as luck would have it this particular day my skillful  approach kind of paid off,  missed the main goodies,but did manage to grab a small packet of Woodbine Cigarettes.

  1960s Wild Woodbine Cigarette Packets

My father being wise saw an opportunity not to be missed aware as a 9 year old of what they were  and kicking up a fuss on the way home complaining when he took them from me that they were mine i had one them he came up with a cunning plan.

Okay he said the cigarettes are yours you can have them but you must smoke all of them. Readily i agreed and under his supervision they lit up this cigarette and i took my first puff.

Well being Woodbines they are strong and smell strong and after just a few puffs I felt wheezy and sick and wanted to stop. But my Dad said no the deal is you smoke the lot. After a few more puffs my head was reeling along with my Stomach and i was physically

End result is I am 51 now I have never smoked a cigarette since the smell and taste would still make me sick with the association and memory of that unpleasant end to the day.

So when I see a packet of woodbine's like this empty packet of which I have a few, empty i might add acquired with some books at a Boot Fair  I am only to happy to sell them on as Collectors Items, knowing my wise Dad had protected my health and stopped me from taking up smoking as a Teenager. The Empty packets are much less harmful to the environment and buyer than full ones.

Well done Dad wise move.......

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