Monday, 30 January 2012

Finding Collectibles to Sell Online

Even through a challenging economy there are still plenty of people actively pursuing the collectibles they crave. If you can name it, there is probably someone who collects it. Even some rather odd things get collected. If you have the drive, there might be an opportunity to make a bit of a profit from the situation.
Thinking that people only collect tiny treasures that get placed in curio cabinets is a big mistake. You have probably visited eBay before and noticed that there is a constant stream of collectibles being bought up at any given time. There are many eBay sellers who spend their free time going out and finding interesting items to resell on the site.
The most popular haunts for eBay sellers are listed in your local paper every week. Flea markets, yard sales and the like are filled with collectibles that people often do not think of as being worth anything. the best part is, they are usually dirt cheap. There is a catch however. You have to know what is worth your time before you buy.
If you are contemplating the idea of doing a little eBay selling, you must commit yourself to learning about what kinds of collectibles sell well on eBay. Unless you want to end up with a house filled with other people’s junk, you must do a little bit of studying.
A very handy item for any collectible reseller is a reputable price guide book devoted to the collectibles market. Although there will be some variation between what the book says and the “real” world prices on eBay, a good guide can still help you to avoid purchasing quite a bit of junk. When buying a price guide, look for one that includes less commonly thought of collectibles.
I would not recommend going into an already overcrowded area of collectible selling. These would be the commonly thought of things like stamps, rare coins and the like. Not only are they very hard to come by at good prices, the people who are already established in the market will most likely have a firm grip that they will not give up easily.
There are many items that sell on eBay with regularity that very few people ever think of. The best thing to do is study the recently completed items on eBay and then start a list of things that sell well. The uncommon items on this list are what you will want to aim for when you go out bargain hunting.
The trick here is to look for small pockets of similar items that are selling well within the collectibles category. You can find these by looking at completed (finished) auctions and noting which items sold and which did not. Once you have found something that sells well, write it down, learn a bit about it, and move on to the next search. Doing this will allow you to go out looking for items to buy that you know will resell and that you will not be in heavy competition to acquire.

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