Monday, 30 January 2012

Can you repair and make new

                                      Dinky Two Sea King Helicopters , missing Rota Blades

Underside of the two Dinky toys Helicopters


What a Talent

Suppose you could restore the above item, i mean actually get the parts cheaply or make them and restore this vintage icon from the past and return it to its former glory. Its a talent to be sure. But the thought I had the moment last night when i loaded this on my e bay auctions ( pauls3725 Uk site on until Sunday 5th February 2012) in case you are one of those lucky individuals.

Perhaps its your passion in life it gives you that overwhelming degree of satisfaction to be able to repair and restore and recreate  what was once a wonderful  peice.

Its still quite easy to purchase parts for these on E bay or find lurking around at the odd boot fair. What i would love is that the right luck buyer who purchases these items will send to me a picture of the finished article so that i might show their handy work. So if its you and you are the lucky talent one with a passion and skill for restoration let me know how these items turn out

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