Tuesday, 31 January 2012

How to stop Your kids taking up Smoking

How to Stop your Kids from Smoking

I would like to share a story with you that might help you, should you desire and want your kids to grow up and hate cigarettes.

When I was a youngster growing up at then end of the 1960s my mum and dad took me to a fairground during the summer holidays at which I  was delighted. Like any kid of 9, who wouldn't be.  I wanted to have a go on the rides and fairground attractions, since my parents were paying, money was no object well not to me anyhow. One of my favourite machines was the hand grabber, the one, that has a hand like crane with a grab on the end that you steer with a lever  at the front of the box and steer the lever so that the hand descends  into a large glass rectangle box  with a floor  and to an  array of wonderful goodies, especially to young eyes.

The attraction to any  9 year old, is the excitement and chance to win the impossible items, the shiny watch, the £5 note, the red 10 Shilling note and  not consider the possibility of the booby prize the 1d chew or small plastic bead necklace, certainly as a boy that would be one of them.
But to have the chance to show off to your parents and your siblings how skillful you are is intoxicating  and the possibility of failure you don't really consider, as an excited 9 year old.

Anyway as luck would have it this particular day my skillful  approach kind of paid off,  missed the main goodies,but did manage to grab a small packet of Woodbine Cigarettes.

  1960s Wild Woodbine Cigarette Packets

My father being wise saw an opportunity not to be missed aware as a 9 year old of what they were  and kicking up a fuss on the way home complaining when he took them from me that they were mine i had one them he came up with a cunning plan.

Okay he said the cigarettes are yours you can have them but you must smoke all of them. Readily i agreed and under his supervision they lit up this cigarette and i took my first puff.

Well being Woodbines they are strong and smell strong and after just a few puffs I felt wheezy and sick and wanted to stop. But my Dad said no the deal is you smoke the lot. After a few more puffs my head was reeling along with my Stomach and i was physically

End result is I am 51 now I have never smoked a cigarette since the smell and taste would still make me sick with the association and memory of that unpleasant end to the day.

So when I see a packet of woodbine's like this empty packet of which I have a few, empty i might add acquired with some books at a Boot Fair  I am only to happy to sell them on as Collectors Items, knowing my wise Dad had protected my health and stopped me from taking up smoking as a Teenager. The Empty packets are much less harmful to the environment and buyer than full ones.

Well done Dad wise move.......

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Monday, 30 January 2012

Can you repair and make new

                                      Dinky Two Sea King Helicopters , missing Rota Blades

Underside of the two Dinky toys Helicopters


What a Talent

Suppose you could restore the above item, i mean actually get the parts cheaply or make them and restore this vintage icon from the past and return it to its former glory. Its a talent to be sure. But the thought I had the moment last night when i loaded this on my e bay auctions ( pauls3725 Uk site on until Sunday 5th February 2012) in case you are one of those lucky individuals.

Perhaps its your passion in life it gives you that overwhelming degree of satisfaction to be able to repair and restore and recreate  what was once a wonderful  peice.

Its still quite easy to purchase parts for these on E bay or find lurking around at the odd boot fair. What i would love is that the right luck buyer who purchases these items will send to me a picture of the finished article so that i might show their handy work. So if its you and you are the lucky talent one with a passion and skill for restoration let me know how these items turn out

Thanks for reading this , please post a comment 

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Finding Collectibles to Sell Online

Even through a challenging economy there are still plenty of people actively pursuing the collectibles they crave. If you can name it, there is probably someone who collects it. Even some rather odd things get collected. If you have the drive, there might be an opportunity to make a bit of a profit from the situation.
Thinking that people only collect tiny treasures that get placed in curio cabinets is a big mistake. You have probably visited eBay before and noticed that there is a constant stream of collectibles being bought up at any given time. There are many eBay sellers who spend their free time going out and finding interesting items to resell on the site.
The most popular haunts for eBay sellers are listed in your local paper every week. Flea markets, yard sales and the like are filled with collectibles that people often do not think of as being worth anything. the best part is, they are usually dirt cheap. There is a catch however. You have to know what is worth your time before you buy.
If you are contemplating the idea of doing a little eBay selling, you must commit yourself to learning about what kinds of collectibles sell well on eBay. Unless you want to end up with a house filled with other people’s junk, you must do a little bit of studying.
A very handy item for any collectible reseller is a reputable price guide book devoted to the collectibles market. Although there will be some variation between what the book says and the “real” world prices on eBay, a good guide can still help you to avoid purchasing quite a bit of junk. When buying a price guide, look for one that includes less commonly thought of collectibles.
I would not recommend going into an already overcrowded area of collectible selling. These would be the commonly thought of things like stamps, rare coins and the like. Not only are they very hard to come by at good prices, the people who are already established in the market will most likely have a firm grip that they will not give up easily.
There are many items that sell on eBay with regularity that very few people ever think of. The best thing to do is study the recently completed items on eBay and then start a list of things that sell well. The uncommon items on this list are what you will want to aim for when you go out bargain hunting.
The trick here is to look for small pockets of similar items that are selling well within the collectibles category. You can find these by looking at completed (finished) auctions and noting which items sold and which did not. Once you have found something that sells well, write it down, learn a bit about it, and move on to the next search. Doing this will allow you to go out looking for items to buy that you know will resell and that you will not be in heavy competition to acquire.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Buy British

Why buy British ?

Is it best ?

Is it quality ?

Will it last ?


Its all to easy to get wrapped up in the argument of why to buy British or foreign, whether its a new car or an electrical appliance made in Korea. It could be said that we British don't make anything any more worth buying, I disagree, Take a look at our coinage for example it represents whats good about Britain. Its bright and shiny and diversified and it has that British feel about it. It represents solid years of history and the old bulldog Spirit we had during the last great War.

With the Olympics coming to London in 2012, its a chance to show the world the great British traditions and our great heritage and history its time to put the B back into Britain and to put our great Country on Show again.

So if you are visiting us for the first time this year maybe coming over to see the Olympics well

Welcome to Britain and Welcome to our Coinage and  our Local Currency Pounds and Pence



If you dont know how our old coinage looked then please take a look at a proof set from 1970 Lsd Coinage Pounds Shillings and Pence

I have many articles on my Dorking old things Blog site including history stories of the past items i am selling or have sold, So please take a look look also at my E Bay site Pauls3725 Uk based auction items
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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Please find a home for the following

                                                            THE GREEN CHINA FROG


Email paulstacey88@gmail.com


Contact me paulstacey88@gmail.com
Please let me know if you want this item located in Dorking Surrey England
You may pay me £1 and take it  away with you..


Welcome to Dorking-old-things.

Living in Westcott Village just two miles from Dorking I am privileged, to reside in one of the Uks, most outstanding areas of natural beauty. I am of course referring to the A25 corridor between Dorking and Guildford on the edge of the North Downs surrounded by hills cyclists regularly visit to test their paces on the hills. So I thought I would dedicate my blog and site to Dorkings old things. You see on the other side of where I live in the pleasant market town of Dorking lies the old antique shops on West Street. They have suffered with the loss of American visitors since 9-11. The town was certainly more vibrant prior to that time for foreign visitors to the Antiques area.

Never the less its possible to walk back in time whether its an old pocket watch or suit of armour you are after. Its where i really got caught up in the beauty and splendour of old things and time past just like the beauty and splendour of the surrounding hills

And Dorking Picturesque and Beautiful Scene

Take a look at this for example taken at the top of Ranmore Common a few weeks ago the bed of blue bells

   The Blue Bells of Ranmore Common near Dorking

Vintage Old, Wonderful Time Peices that have passed through my Hands

A Railway Time Keeping Pocket Watch

Classic Broken Time Peice Parts

Face Parts for classic Old Wristwatch

The 1880 Derby Race for the Finish


The Two Horses Neck and Neck for The Derby Finish 1880

Excitement of the Derby Finish

The Above drawing sketch taken from 1880 Illustrated Sports  and Dramatic News  captures the excitement of a day at the races in 1880. It captures wonderful detail the headdress of 1880 policeman right down to the price of refreshments in the tent at the back. Growing up in Epsom i quite often arranged to miss or rather skip school on a Wednesday afternoon to watch the derby winners of the 1970s, altogether as exciting as the 1880s i suspect.

I have some additional wonderful sketches of other famous horses and races from the same publication which i will feature in due course including other Derby Winners of the past.

Please fee free to comment or post a comment or get in touch at

Stamps of Yesterday


British Victorian Penny Reds taken from an Album containing 275

Stamp Collecting
My first awareness of stamps and Stamp collecting i would have to blame my Grandfather who although now long Dead was born in 1899 and had a wonderful Collection which I was lucky enough to inherit and have to this Day. It has an impressive array of first Day Covers 2 Penny Blacks and whole collection of British and Foreign Stamps.

It and my Grandfather gave me an insight , knowledge and understanding of Stamps. Like all collectibles in these days of Recession they often a good alternative investment but not for the faint hearted.
The above I recently acquired is an album containing 275 Penny Reds alongside a lot of other British Stamps and form a useful collection in their own right. Over the coming weeks i will feature some of the examples in this single Album.

Occasionally I list stamps on E bay Uk Site so check me out Pauls3725, or  email me on paulstacey88@gmail.com

Bring Back the French Franc, Dutch Guilder, Italien Lira and many More...






Where have they Gone?

Three superb example of currencies of Europe from days bygone, by that of course pre Euro Days. So are they gone for ever or might they return some day soon. As a collector of coins and Banknotes the wonderful colour , design , history of these notes means, they are never very far away. So even if the Euro survives its present onslaught in Europe as a collector these notes will always be around and could prove quite an investment in trouble times.

Also they are a lot mor attractive than those boring Euro Banknotes.

I will feature on this post additional examples of Bygone Banknotes, that today are history but watch out they may be tomorrow future....

For examples of notes like this periodically I  sell on Ebay uk look for Pauls3725 or  email me your comments interest paulstacey88@gmail.com

Who Won the 1880 Cambridge and Oxford Boat Race ?

So Who Won the 1880 Boat Race?

Well whats more interesting to me is who was in the boats.

 The names of the rowers for example, who they were and what their life was like in England in 1880.

These are the sort of questions that spring to mind when i study the above  picture taken from an 1881, Victorian Book  Illustrated  Sports, for which i have lots of pages.

In these pages are packed full examples of life in 1880 England Adverts for what they bought in the shops and low low prices in old money. I have many such examples and pictures drawings sketches invoking such powerful questions, often how different were their lives to yours and mine today with the absence of Television, Radio, Telephones Cars and Computers.

Where they Better or Where they Worse?

History can teach us such a lot and provoke our minds to think and search for evidence

Please feel free to post a comment on the above or any items you may be interested in. Over the coming weeks i will use the blog site to highlight other such articles

If you are interested in any of the items please get in touch at. 

A Relic from the past

A Relic from the past.

 They don't make scales like these any more. Perhaps not practical or useful, efficient and too costly especially with the frightening price of Copper. Avery's of Birmingham in Victorian times was a name connected with quality and service. These are a fine example of Victorian Copper scales used at the time packed in an antique wooden Box.

I recently sold this wonderful item on to a very happy buyer in Australia for just over £40,
if you have a similar item or would like to tell me the age or more about this then write or post comments
i have a regular sale of similar items on my E Bay auction site Pauls3725 Uk Ebay.
E mail me paulstacey88@gmail.com

The Mini Scrap Yard In Action

Vintage Dinky Toy Car
 To Own this lively Item seek me out on Ebay UK , pauls3725 and start bidding but be quick it closes bidding tomorrow Sunday Evening at 10pm

With all the talk at the moment of scrap metal prices and government action on scrap yards, it got me thinking. I like most people will never be lucky or fortunate enough to own a scrap metal yard or Car Breakers business, all of which are very profitable I  am sure. But that doesnt stop me or you  running your  own mini scrap yard or Mini  Car Breakers for that matter...

So what do  I mean well like most blokes as a kid in the 1960s I loved playing with these unique toys and had hours of fun, fired up the imagination and in later life as a 50 year old they still hold a wonderful sense of magic and are real icons from the past. Even buying selling and collecting these wonderful peices brings back many happy memories......

So who cares, what they do with scrap yards. I will make my own mini one and enjoy it  for many years to come ...

So here we have above a lovely condition Dinky Toy Vintage Condition Triumph and if you would like to own this very one thne why not look me up on E bay pauls3725, I have four prime examples of vintage cars on the E Bay Uk  Auction Site this lovely speciment above is currntly being bidded at £8.10 as we speak your chance to own your very one peice of Nostalga or to start a mini collection of the past
Here are another three Dinkys On Offer all sourced in local Dorking packed full of old delightful and collectible Things past and Present

                                                  Dinky Toy Rolls Royce Silver Wraith
                                                           Dinky  Toy    Cadillac  Elldorado

All available and many more keep your eyes on my E Bay Auctions Uk. Go to pauls3725 and start bidding.....

Hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any scrap broken dinky cars to get rid of or sell on please conatct me  paulstacey88@gmail.com

These three items are all available to bid for on my e bay site pauls3725 in the UK all need attention repairs have parts missing real scrap yard stuff Vintage Dinkys , starting with Maximum security vehicle from Captain Scarlett to police Ford Transit and Mini and two Sea King Helicopters

For more info contact me paulstacey88@gmail.com

For some new real scrap items,  take a look at these broken parts taken from four different cars Dinky and Corgi Die Casts.
 These items are currently advertisied in the auctions on Ebay go to pauls3725 look at my items.

Missing wheels axles and interiors is the main problem with these items real  but what a rebuild project for some budding enthusiast.
If this is your idea of heavon then go to ebay.co.uk check my items pauls3725 and place a bid.
                                          To me this is the real essence of the mini scrap yard...

Corgi Rolls Royce Corniche

Underside Rolls Royce Corniche

Time for some class

Not every Car in the Mini  scrap yard is scrap far from it. But i did think it was time for some class so what better than a Corgi  scale model of the Rolls Royce Corniche. Its in rather good condition even has all its wheels and tyres.In two tone grey.