Thursday, 2 June 2011

Will our Supermarket Town become just another supermarket town?

So what’s the new issue in Dorking?

Perhaps it’s the same as in your Town today the usual debate which supermarket is going to take over the next piece of unused land.

  •  Is it  going to be Sainsbury’s or Morrison’s or Tesco or Liddle?
  • Do we need another Supermarket in our Town?
  • Haven’t we got enough already?
  • Where do people park?
  • What’s the future for our Town?
This leaflet below reflects the burning question. Perhaps the question should be when will we have enough supermarkets in our Towns, in our Country? Will there be enough food left if we keep on building? Then there is the amenities the costs to local and rural communities the wildlife and the destruction of our heritage and history.

Now everybody’s got to eat I know but it affects the beauty, the history, the amenities and all too often money speaks with sufficient financial muscle these companies can bulldoze their ideas and plan through the local councils and planning departments as they have the clout and muscle to wear down the opposition. So where does it end?

I feel it’s important to view the local issues good and bad as my site is all about the Old and the beautiful and by awareness and thoughts we might find logical practical and fair solutions as we begin to answer and unravel these key questions
An example of how this affects the amenities and rural issues just see below

If you have any comment suggestions then please get in touch, or link up to the websites dealing with these issues.
Paul Stacey
Dorking-Old –Things
Sometimes trying to preserve the good old things

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