Monday, 6 June 2011

Some Classic Miniature Oldies

This wonderful miniature classic oldie is a Dinky Toy Sunbeam Alpine i acquired last week. Although it lacks tyres and could do with a respray its in pretty good shape. Currently you can see more pictures on pauls3725 on Ebay united Kingdom

Do you remember these another classic i remember seeing on the road as a young Boy. A black Bedford Van missing its front tyres and proudly displaying the evening standard on the side. Again its needs some tender loving acre to the paintwork but still a wonderful little piece.
For more pictures or the chance to acquire go to pauls3725 on Ebay United Kingdom.

Another colourful Classic a Dinky  Jensen FF from the good old days still no tyres and looks a bit vandalised, but still could be a great restoration project for those with time patience skill and know how so look out for this one in the next day or so on Ebay pauls3725

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