Thursday, 2 June 2011

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

The Church at Brockham

Beautiful Brockham at any time of Day or Month or Year. This beautiful picture for anybody who knows the village of Brockham just a couple of miles from Dorking along the A25 is the beautiful old Church by the green. Brockham in my opinion is very special especially in Surrey for its annual bonfire celebrations on the green where the villagers work tirelessly for many months  to build a bonfire many feet high and seat the guy at the top and let off the most dazzling picturesque, loud and exciting Firework display in all of Surrey.

 If you haven't been there haven't seen it experienced it then yes you have missed out on an Awesome event.

Now let me let you in to another secret Brockham Church on any Sunday is full of people enjoying a most varied selection of Tea and cakes i should know i frequently cycle in from Westcott to enjoy a wonderful afternoon tea. Unlike this picture which reflects the peace tranquility and absence of people the Tea event  attracts many and is well worth a visit when your passing on a Sunday afternoon, by Car Foot or Cycle, it doesn't care.

Brockham is popular all times of the year and is rarely see without people one of the reasons i admire the beauty of this picture.

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The Old Windmill Reigate Heath

Not the old windmill in old Amsterdam but Reigate Heath

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