Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Olympic Road Race Trial Event Sunday 14th August 2011

Westcott my home village is on the road map of the Olympic Cycling Test Road trip, we have just received a newsletter from the local council, talking about Road and access closures. Well in this great age of Austerity what else do Governments and Councils talk about, closures of course

Thats great news it will save me queuing up for a ticket in the great ticket lottery.I can watch the event in my local village at least I hope so.

Looking at the route they will past both some historic places of interest and some real Surrey beauty spots, the least wonderfull being the man made unsightly out of place Dorking Cockerell situated on the main roundabout on the A24 into Dorking Main Town centre and High Street.

For me I prefer the historic ancient man made relics on route, such as Polseden Lacy-National Trust Property well worth a visit for a day out

Well its going to put Westcott on the map Westcott is a wonderfull village of 2000 of us great community spirit lively church and outreach programme and lots of other village clubs and activities what a blessing to raise my kids in such wonderfull surrounding yes I am very lucky.

Here is a picture of the route....

                                       THE CYCLE ROUTE FOR THE DRY RUN

Now for the real thing updated July 2012 Take a peek at what its like to stand in a Surrey Village and watch as the cyclist tear through the village at over 45mph on their way to Dorking and round the corner to begin the asent of Boxhill.

Click on this link below to see Video Footage on U Tube of the event
Westcott Mens Cycle Race Through Wescott
Click below
 Live Vid eo Footage of Wescott Mens Cyclists Hurtling through July 2012-

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