Sunday, 22 May 2011

The Hidden Path For Cyclists and Avid Walkers Hidden Beauty Awaits

The winding path for walkers and cyclists up Ranmore Common to the top of Steers fields and onto the Church at St Barnabas Ranmore features in my other post. For you buuding out of town cyclists out there who may travel down from London want a scenic ride here is a suggestion

Directions By Bike

Make your way to Westcott Village off A25.

Go through the Village down Westcott Street to right up Hole Hill across Hole Hill under the Railway arch turn left at the gate follow the path 2 -3 miles up to the top of Ranmore.

Follow on to St Barnabas Church on your right and then follow the road to the end bear left for the most wonderfull downhill descent into Westhumble Village bear to the right at the bottom of the hill down from Ranmore and the foot of Boxhill.

Turn right into and towards Dorking and follow the cycle path along the side of Boxhill into Dorking Town centre where you pass the dreaded Dorking Cockerell a good workout for the starter cyclists among you taking in spectacular views

If you run out of water my tip go to Dorking Halls they serve fresh water from the machine fresh and cold. I shouldnt say this but its free....

My usual Saturday warm up ride now before I go swimming

I will feature more rides and give out local knowledge so keep in touch please comment on my blog site.
Will through in peices of history also
see my post on Sanuel Wilberforce in the Abinger Roughs


Next one will a delightfull cycle from Westcott across the Abinger Roughs to the Volunteer Pub in Holmbury St Mary a good stopping point for good pub food and refreshment before the climb towards Leith Hill...

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