Monday, 6 June 2011

Some Classic Miniature Oldies

This wonderful miniature classic oldie is a Dinky Toy Sunbeam Alpine i acquired last week. Although it lacks tyres and could do with a respray its in pretty good shape. Currently you can see more pictures on pauls3725 on Ebay united Kingdom

Do you remember these another classic i remember seeing on the road as a young Boy. A black Bedford Van missing its front tyres and proudly displaying the evening standard on the side. Again its needs some tender loving acre to the paintwork but still a wonderful little piece.
For more pictures or the chance to acquire go to pauls3725 on Ebay United Kingdom.

Another colourful Classic a Dinky  Jensen FF from the good old days still no tyres and looks a bit vandalised, but still could be a great restoration project for those with time patience skill and know how so look out for this one in the next day or so on Ebay pauls3725

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Take a walk with memory scrapbooking

Article by Jerbob Johnson
Is “Organize Scrapbooking Room” at the top of your list when it comes to your hobby of scrapbooking? If you have a room organized for your scrapbook hobby, it will make it more enjoyable. Digital scrapbooking is pretty cool and the use of magic disks for scrapbooking can make it a little easier to be organized since you would be organizing the digital scrapbooking way. Digital scrapbooking is becoming very popular and useful. However, not everyone is using technology to their benefit.
Have you become aware of the scrapbooking million products that seem to be obtainable online? Scrapbooking is an enormous hobby for all ages. Scrapbooking being enjoyment to people from all over the world from scrapbooking Gainesville to scrapbooking Edmundston to even scrapbooking Oakville Ontario. Marion Ohio scrapbook scrapbooking seems to be a hot source of scrapbooking. No matter where people have their homes, they enjoy scrapbooking.
For the greatest use of space, you will want to store your commonly used tools and supplies in close proximity to your prime workspace. A scrapbooking scissors carousel is a nice container to hold all your scissors you frequently use. Now is the time to look around at all areas above, below, and to both sides of where you plan to do your work. Maybe a used scrapbooking tote would come be useful in providing storage for some of your supplies. Be creative; imagine where tables, cabinets, shelves, cabinets, or even carts can be place for efficiency. Once you get started, it isn’t that hard to figure out where the best arrangement would be for your hobby.
Kelly Meaux scrapbooking offers motivating scrapbooking ideals and supplies. Free scrapbooking Christmas paper piecing patterns are always popular and available on the web. Lots of folks enjoy purple scrapbooking pages, multi-color pages and even solid color scrapbooking paper. What do all these have in common? All of these need to be stored somewhere. Shelves are very practical for storing your scrapbook paper.
When buying shelves to use to organize your scrapbooking and poems, think white and pre-cut. The majority of the major discount home improvement stores have the pre-cut and white shelves available in different depths and lengths. You don’t have to be a real handyman to put them up. Many people prefer white since they usually match just about anything but they also come in a wood stain or even plain. Personally I would go with the pre-colored or pre-stained so that you can start to put them up as soon as you get home. The plain color allows you to stain with your own color. Image your shimmer paper for scrapbooking and even discounted scrapbooking paper looking pretty nice in their proper place on your new shelf. See how easy it is to start being organized!
Whether scrapbooking jourmaling is your passion or you need a scrapbooking getaways PA, this hobby requires you to be organized. I suppose because it is fun, memories are being shaped and stored in a nice presentation package to future generation, scrapbooking is a great hobby.

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

The Church at Brockham

Beautiful Brockham at any time of Day or Month or Year. This beautiful picture for anybody who knows the village of Brockham just a couple of miles from Dorking along the A25 is the beautiful old Church by the green. Brockham in my opinion is very special especially in Surrey for its annual bonfire celebrations on the green where the villagers work tirelessly for many months  to build a bonfire many feet high and seat the guy at the top and let off the most dazzling picturesque, loud and exciting Firework display in all of Surrey.

 If you haven't been there haven't seen it experienced it then yes you have missed out on an Awesome event.

Now let me let you in to another secret Brockham Church on any Sunday is full of people enjoying a most varied selection of Tea and cakes i should know i frequently cycle in from Westcott to enjoy a wonderful afternoon tea. Unlike this picture which reflects the peace tranquility and absence of people the Tea event  attracts many and is well worth a visit when your passing on a Sunday afternoon, by Car Foot or Cycle, it doesn't care.

Brockham is popular all times of the year and is rarely see without people one of the reasons i admire the beauty of this picture.

If are interested in this piece then get in touch

I am currently open to sensible offers but do hurry wont hang around long...

The Old Windmill Reigate Heath

Not the old windmill in old Amsterdam but Reigate Heath

Will our Supermarket Town become just another supermarket town?

So what’s the new issue in Dorking?

Perhaps it’s the same as in your Town today the usual debate which supermarket is going to take over the next piece of unused land.

  •  Is it  going to be Sainsbury’s or Morrison’s or Tesco or Liddle?
  • Do we need another Supermarket in our Town?
  • Haven’t we got enough already?
  • Where do people park?
  • What’s the future for our Town?
This leaflet below reflects the burning question. Perhaps the question should be when will we have enough supermarkets in our Towns, in our Country? Will there be enough food left if we keep on building? Then there is the amenities the costs to local and rural communities the wildlife and the destruction of our heritage and history.

Now everybody’s got to eat I know but it affects the beauty, the history, the amenities and all too often money speaks with sufficient financial muscle these companies can bulldoze their ideas and plan through the local councils and planning departments as they have the clout and muscle to wear down the opposition. So where does it end?

I feel it’s important to view the local issues good and bad as my site is all about the Old and the beautiful and by awareness and thoughts we might find logical practical and fair solutions as we begin to answer and unravel these key questions
An example of how this affects the amenities and rural issues just see below

If you have any comment suggestions then please get in touch, or link up to the websites dealing with these issues.
Paul Stacey
Dorking-Old –Things
Sometimes trying to preserve the good old things

Go to .uk  help them make a difference to our town, your town

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Is this better to own than 25p

This beautiful Cupro-Nickel Coin is a 1951 Festival of Britain Crown, Five Shillings. All British coins after 1947 lost their silver content and were made of Cupro-Nickel.

A crown, Five Shillings was worth just 25p in todays money, although the above coin is worth between £2 to £5 in todays money. Features valiant St George on Horse Back slaying the dragon. On the reverse is the head of our our queens Father King George VI

The Hidden Path For Cyclists and Avid Walkers Hidden Beauty Awaits

The winding path for walkers and cyclists up Ranmore Common to the top of Steers fields and onto the Church at St Barnabas Ranmore features in my other post. For you buuding out of town cyclists out there who may travel down from London want a scenic ride here is a suggestion

Directions By Bike

Make your way to Westcott Village off A25.

Go through the Village down Westcott Street to right up Hole Hill across Hole Hill under the Railway arch turn left at the gate follow the path 2 -3 miles up to the top of Ranmore.

Follow on to St Barnabas Church on your right and then follow the road to the end bear left for the most wonderfull downhill descent into Westhumble Village bear to the right at the bottom of the hill down from Ranmore and the foot of Boxhill.

Turn right into and towards Dorking and follow the cycle path along the side of Boxhill into Dorking Town centre where you pass the dreaded Dorking Cockerell a good workout for the starter cyclists among you taking in spectacular views

If you run out of water my tip go to Dorking Halls they serve fresh water from the machine fresh and cold. I shouldnt say this but its free....

My usual Saturday warm up ride now before I go swimming

I will feature more rides and give out local knowledge so keep in touch please comment on my blog site.
Will through in peices of history also
see my post on Sanuel Wilberforce in the Abinger Roughs


Next one will a delightfull cycle from Westcott across the Abinger Roughs to the Volunteer Pub in Holmbury St Mary a good stopping point for good pub food and refreshment before the climb towards Leith Hill...

How might Twickenham have looked in 1890 answer below

A Framed Print Photograph of Twickenham in 1890

An Attractive Cleaning Implement from the Good old Days

This delightful little item, I picked up the other day mainly because it was so unusual,1920S Silver Plated Hand Sweep has the intials MPP engraved on the face. I wonder where it was used and where it came from probably will always remain a mystery but so of many of the antique relics of the past are very unusual as well as often attractive.

If you are interested in this item check my e bay pauls3725 and see for yourself.

If it was yours and you are MPP please tell me the story of this wonderful item.


Friday, 20 May 2011

Harry Vardon (9 May 1870 – 20 March 1937)

The Magic of Harry Varden

An excellent picture for any Golfer,this super picture captures the magic of a very talented Golfer.International 6 times winner of the open. The magic for me is the way the picture captures the atmosphere and dynamics of this talented golfer, I believe in my collection of old things I have further pictures of Harry Varden so be sure to look out for them as I will post further ones...

Keep an eye on my e bay site in the Uk pauls3725
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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Olympic Road Race Trial Event Sunday 14th August 2011

Westcott my home village is on the road map of the Olympic Cycling Test Road trip, we have just received a newsletter from the local council, talking about Road and access closures. Well in this great age of Austerity what else do Governments and Councils talk about, closures of course

Thats great news it will save me queuing up for a ticket in the great ticket lottery.I can watch the event in my local village at least I hope so.

Looking at the route they will past both some historic places of interest and some real Surrey beauty spots, the least wonderfull being the man made unsightly out of place Dorking Cockerell situated on the main roundabout on the A24 into Dorking Main Town centre and High Street.

For me I prefer the historic ancient man made relics on route, such as Polseden Lacy-National Trust Property well worth a visit for a day out

Well its going to put Westcott on the map Westcott is a wonderfull village of 2000 of us great community spirit lively church and outreach programme and lots of other village clubs and activities what a blessing to raise my kids in such wonderfull surrounding yes I am very lucky.

Here is a picture of the route....

                                       THE CYCLE ROUTE FOR THE DRY RUN

Now for the real thing updated July 2012 Take a peek at what its like to stand in a Surrey Village and watch as the cyclist tear through the village at over 45mph on their way to Dorking and round the corner to begin the asent of Boxhill.

Click on this link below to see Video Footage on U Tube of the event
Westcott Mens Cycle Race Through Wescott
Click below
 Live Vid eo Footage of Wescott Mens Cyclists Hurtling through July 2012-

Monday, 16 May 2011

What a Delight when you got one for your Birthday


Remember getting a birthday card from an Aunt and one of these fell out..
Its was a wonderfull feeling because as a kid in the 1960s this was a staggering amount of money not like a 50p is today the modern equivalent.

If you are interested in this item or others go to e bay pauls3725 take a look at this and many more items
or e mail me
Happy hunting

The Church at Ranmore Common Built 1859 Henry Cubitt well worth a visit

Okay for the odd items loaded some of these are for sale and can be purchased for that opportunity go to my E bay account pauls3725, place a bid, or ask me for a Buy it Now option....

To get in touch e mail me , or call Mobile 07710-854040

                                                                        ST BARNABAS CHURCH RANMORE    

Saturday, 14 May 2011

When a Fiver Really was a Fiver

Another of my favourite old British Banknotes the Old 1960s Five Pound Note, probably because as a child I thought i was rich when i had five pounds saving up all my Birthday Money truth was i was...

Royal Memoribillia 1935 Silver Jubilee Souvenir City of Plymouth


Alovely souvenir refelcting our history. Picked up last week at my local Dorking Boot Fair

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Days Gone By

Two examples of watches broken and working firstly a pocket watch and secondly an old mantle peice clock an enfield smiths, mantle clock

If you have any of these old peices you dont want or would like to sell for cash then send me an e mail and a picture

The Story of Samuel Wilberforce

You have heard of William Wilberforce the famous MP and friend of John Newton, writer of the song
Amazing Grace
the ex slave trader, who turned to Christianity and had a profound impact on the life of William Wilberforce to eventually get a bill through parliament to abolish human slavery in England over 200 years ago,

Well on this very spot, marked with a cross and plaque near to the N22 Cycle route in the Abinger Roughs, Samuel Wilberforce the son of William fell of his Horse, while riding with Lord Glanville in 1873 and died. Its just another little peice of History to follow in the Surrey Hills. Rumour has it on a windy night you can hear him riding his horse through the woods to this day

If you would like to comment or would like more details please comment or email

The Beauty of my Surroundings Ranmore Common May 2011


Here is the wonderful and picturesque surroundings of Ranmore Common. To be precise natures woven carpet of blue bells amongst the trees taken in May 2011, on Ranmore Common.

Did you know if you visit the church of St Barnabas built in 1854 by Henry Cubbit, you can get some of the finest tea and cakes in leafy surrey at a reasonable price. This is a most beautiful spot. Teas and cakes are usually served from June and July until August or September
If you want details contact the church....